BunQ Account

Features of BunQ Account-

      1. Initiate instant payments
      2. Bunq will invest your money
      3. Get paid quickly
      4. Transfers internationally
      5. Budgeting features as well as easy split bill capabilities
      6. Round-up transactions
      7. Block or activate your card using the application
      8. One card can be used to create two sub-accounts
      9. Sub-accounts can be shared with your family and friends.
      10. Contactless payment
      11. Banking with voice control
      12. Virtual cards that can be disposed
      13. Earn interest on all sub-accounts of yours.

What we offer

    1. Login and email
    2. Other login information.
    3. Information about recovery.
    4. New and fresh account
    5. 100 100% verified account
    6. 24/7 customer support


Buy Verified BunQ Accounts

Hey!! Are you in the market to purchase BunQ accounts? You are in the right spot. We offer security and 100% verified accounts to our clients. All of our accounts are genuine. Therefore, you can purchase verified BunQ accounts with us. We offer a large selection of the best BunQ accounts available for sale.

What exactly is a BunQ Account?

In simple terms, Bunq is a banking application that allows you to have complete control of your finances using your phone. You don’t have to go through a thousand steps or wait in a bank’s wait room all day. This simple app lets you move funds, pay bills, card orders, and many more. You should therefore purchase Bunq accounts now to enjoy all of these options.

BunQ Account

About the functions that are available to BunQ accounts

1.Payment Sorter

What’s the motivation behind this? “It’s almost as if it saves me a trip.”

The Payment Sorter will ensure that all your payments coming in like your wages are automatically sorted according to the order you have specified. It’s as simple as doing it once, and after that you don’t have to think about it ever again. If your objectives change it is still possible to make changes.

2.Travel assistant

The Travel Assistant assists the user with tips and advice from the fantastic bunq network.Do you need to know how you can earn cash for free with the bunq credit card? Take a look at your Travel Assistant. Are you interested in knowing whether tipping is required in the country that you’re visiting? Find the answer there.

3.Bunq. me

Bunq.me is your exclusive continuous connection. You can offer it to anyone and earn money as a gift in return for something. Choose a memorable name on your account.

4.Zero Fx

Zero FX is a great method to make sure you will have more money to spend on things that you like. In Dubrovnik enjoy a colder beer, enjoy more tasty food in Prague and indulge in lots of cheese when you are in Zurich!

This is the only benefit to it!

5.Auto Slice

Your friends will receive an immediate reminder to reimburse you for their share.

BunQ Account

Buy Bunq Accounts at Cheap Price

Bunq is a banking challenger app that seeks to provide an alternative to traditional banks. Bunq is a mobile banking application which allows you to carry out various everyday transactions, just like other apps for banking on mobile. It allows you to transfer and withdraw money from your account. This can be done with your phone.

Bunq can be used to purchase products or services online or in person if you own an MasterCard card. Additionally, you can take cash from an ATM.

If you want to buy bunq accounts, contact us. We have the most reliable bunq accounts to sell.

Bunq Fees (exposed)

The good thing is that their pricing structure is simple and we’ve made it simpler by providing this.

Here’s what you should know about it.

Subscription fees

      • Monthly charges per month for Personal Premium accounts are EUR7.99.
      • The monthly cost of Joint account is EUR9.99. Joint accounts is EUR9.99.
      • The Business account costs EUR9.99 monthly.

Card charges

      • Cost of debit or the cost of a travel credit card will be EUR9.00 annually.
      • The annual cost for the Green Card is EUR99.00.
      • It is completely free to pay using an euros-based credit card.
      • Cash withdrawals in foreign currencies using a debit card will cost EUR0.99 for each withdrawal.
      • Deposits in foreign currencies or euros that require a credit card are EUR0.99 every time you withdraw.
      • This MasterCard Exchange Rate is utilized to process international payments.

Fees to send and receive money

      • For Joint and Premium users, the ability to send and receive euros via SEPA is free. SEPA network is completely free. Customers with a business account are required to be charged an extra EUR0.10 to each transaction.
      • TransferWise has rates charged by TransferWise to international fund transfers for Joint and Premium account holders. Business account holders have to contribute an additional EUR0.10 per transaction.
      • Based on the number of transactions the bank is able to accept, cash from that are not part of the SEPA network will cost between EUR5 or EUR20.

Additional charges

      • After the deposit limit initialized at $100, 1.5 percent of the deposit balance is to be paid.
      • Charges are applied to other sub-accounts or credit cards.
      •  European Central Bank ( the ECB charges Bunq interest on your money).

How Safe is Bunq?

Bunq is an accredited European bank that has its own Dutch deposit Guarantee (up up to €100,000.00 on all accounts).

Account Overview

The description of your account is simple but it is well-designed. Three additional options for you to choose from are on right at the very top. Depreciation search as well as scheduled payments and regular payments are all accessible.

A new direct debit will not be debited immediately. By click on direct debits tab, you will be able to know more about the date as well as the time and date to the date the debiting or crediting process was completed

Account Types at Bunq

However, you can get a debit card for free when you sign up for one of its bank accounts.

Here’s the cost a bunq account costs:

Premium Account Monthly cost: EUR7.99Monthly price: EUR7.99 The Premium Account offers you a full-time Euro bank account and an debit card you can use.

Business Account (Business Account) –Monthly cost: EUR9.99 If you’re a wanderer in the digital age bunq’s business accounts could be a good option. It offers extremely competitive foreign exchange along with numerous tools to support your business. Invoice scanning and receipt scanning and automated VAT calculations are all included in this.

Last thought

BunQ is a premium feature account with advanced features. It offers a wide range of options for customers. BunQ is also secure and stable, thanks to numerous security programs that protect traders. BunQ is an excellent starting point when you are looking to trade crypto currencies. Don’t wait to buy BunQ accounts now with us. We offer the top BunQ accounts available for sale. Therefore, hurry up and purchase Bunq accounts. We are await your order at any moment.

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