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Hey!! Are you trying to purchase BNC10 accounts? You are at the right place. We offer safe and secure accounts for our customers. All accounts are authentic. So, you can purchase authentic BNC10 accounts through us. We offer a large selection of the best BNC10 accounts available to offer.

What exactly is an account with BNC10?

With bnc10 , the mobile app that provides you with an account without charges or terms and a five-minute registration process to manage and have complete control of your financial affairs on your smartphone. Every month, we pay the bank commission for the initial three withdrawals.

With the bnc10 account, a mobile application that gives you an account without fees or restrictions and a five-minute registration process to manage and control your finances from your mobile.

You can travel without tax or exchange rate charges get an Spanish IBAN, transfer and pay in a flash and connect your account to your frequent partner, and more All 100% digital and free of any maintenance costs and enduring.

BNC10 Account


  • Utilize budgeting tools, such as statistics that will aid you in keeping track of your income and expenses in real-time.
  • Any time you will be able to view the summary of your account’s data and will receive updates in real-time for every transaction.


  • You can make use of your card whenever you want without paying any charges.
  • Cash withdrawals are no charge at any ATM which accepts Mastercard across the globe. Every month, we pay the bank commission for the initial three withdrawals.
  • Make money overseas using the most efficient currency exchangeservice, one that is operated by Mastercard and you have no additional costs.


  • Instantly request, reimburse and distribute payments instantly. You can also pay for compensation and divide. Social payments allow you do not have to enter the IBAN’s 24 numbers and wait for two or three days for the funds to be received.
  • Create a single account to handle paying your bills, Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as Spotify premium subscriptions.
  • You can transfer money to anyone, anyplace for no cost.


  • You can apply for an Mastercard credit card, and then make use of the application to defrost and freeze it in case of theft or loss.
  • If you sign up to a bnc10 account you’ll be provided with an online card that can be used for online purchases.
  • Apple Pay allows you to pay using your smartphone.


  • We do not use your money to fund things which aren’t connected with you. We also do not give it away or invest it in other third parties. Your money will be the same as when you put it.
  • Whatever happens what happens, it is protected by European law.


We look after the world on an ongoing basis and ethics is among our core values. We don’t engage in financing the military sector, in contrast to traditional banks.

How can I transfer funds in my checking account?

You can choose between two methods of making a deposit to your account: international or national transfer or a direct deposit via a different credit card.


To deposit a transfer to your bank account click your account’s “+” icon, choose “Top-up,” and then “By bank transfer.” You will see all the necessary information needed to complete the process.

The national transfer

You will need to make an ordinary national transfer from the original account in order to make a transfer to an account that has the Spanish IBAN. It can take up to 24 hours for the transfer to be completed.

Transfer to another country

It is necessary to perform an international transfer to effect the transaction using an international IBAN. The process takes about three business days.

It is crucial to be aware that the transfer is subject to a cost and can be determined by the bank agency through where the transfer was completed.

Instant deposit made from another card

With a different credit card, you are able to transfer funds directly into your bnc10 bank account.

  1. On the app, tap the “+” button, then choose ” Top-up” and then ” From your card.”
  2. Input the amount you want to transfer (a minimal of €20 needed, up to EUR200 permissible).
  3. Choose ” Add Card” and then fill in the information that will be automatically saved so that subsequent loads can be completed faster.
  4. Hit on the ” Top-up” button to finish the procedure.

Instant deposit Conditions

Take note of these restrictions when you transfer funds from another card:

1.You can choose to making a deposit of any amount between EUR20 to EUR200.

2.There is the daily limitation of only two deposit.

Three monthly top-ups are only available to EUR500.

4. You are only able to add one credit card to your account. you can switch it out within 30 days.

BNC10 Account

Buy BNC10 Accounts

With bnc10 , the mobile application that gives you an account without charges or terms and a sign-up time of just 5 minutes You can manage and control the entire flow of your finances from your smartphone. Each month, we pay the bank commission you paid on the initial three withdrawals. This is awesome, so take advantage of this by purchasing BNC10 accounts right now. We have BNC10 accounts that are the Best BNC10 Accounts for sale. Don’t hesitate to buy BNC10 accounts now.

Last thought

BNC10 Accounts is a fully digital bank that holds a full banking license. The platform is safe and reliable, with numerous programs to safeguard traders. BNC10 is an excellent option to begin with in the event that you’re looking to trade. So don’t delay in buying BNC10 accounts now from us. We offer the top BNC10 Accounts to sell. So hurry up to BNC10 Accounts. We’re eagerly await your order at any moment.

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